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Latest News and Events

7.28.24: Ella Cardoza’s ACAT Sampling Trip to St. Lawrence Island, Alaska! 

6.25.24: Katie Quinlan presented at the Water Science Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.  

6.18.24: Sarah Gonzalez led the Symposium session at the North American Paleontological Convention  

6.11.24: Sarah Gonzalez gave a talk at the Astrobiology Graduate Conference 

6.3.24: Mio Hogan began her internship as a Field Assistant with the USGS!

6.3.24: Osama Alian began his Postdoctoral position with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab! Congratulations, Osama!

5.27.24: Ella Cardoza begins her position as a Climate Change intern for the Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT)  

5.23.24: Katie Quinlan began her Museum Collections Internship for the MSU Museum 

05.10.24: Sarah Gonzalez gave a talk at the Astrobiology Science Conference 

5.13.24: Ella Ott began her internship with the DNR Executive Division! 

5.8.24: Sarah Gonzalez presented for AbSciCon!

5.6.24: Ella Cardoza presented for AbSciCon!

5.1.24: Schrenk Lab sampled the Saginaw aquifer 

4.12.24: Ella Cardoza, Mio Hogan, and Cesarine Graham presented at MSU's UURAF event!

3.21.24: Sarah Gonzalez and Osama Alian present for a new local series: Astrobiology on Tap!

2.16.24: Mio Hogan and Cesarine Graham present for EES's Research Symposium event.

1.11.24: Cesarine Graham presented for the Astrobiology series at the  243rd AAS Conference in New Orleans.

01.10.24: Sarah Gonzalez gave a poster presentation at the Geobiology Research Conference 

1.10.24: Cesarine Graham presented for the NASA Hyperwall series at the  243rd AAS Conference in New Orleans.

01.04.24: Field sampling in The Santa Elena Ophiolite, Costa Rica 

12.28.24: Schrenk Lab sampled groundwater from Comins, Michigan.

12.19.24: Schrenk Lab sampled groundwater from Elsie, Michigan.

12.15.24: Schrenk Lab sampled groundwater from Midland, Michigan.

10.25.23: Sarah Gonzalez gave a talk in the workshop: Life in the Sub-Surface. European Astrobiology Society. (Azores Portugal) 

9.23.23: Nicole Smith presented at the Midwest Geobiology Symposium 

8.1.23: Went to Grand River Fen Conservancy to observe the field and learn about Grand River and the water ecosystem. We also talked with Dr. Kelly Aho, who studies aquatic biogeochemistry focused on carbon and nitrogen cycling in water ecosystems, for potentially doing a collaborative project. 

7.25.23: Today is the last day of our best lab tech, Amy Vodopyanov. She is starting her Master's degree in hydrogeology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, this fall. Thank you so much for all your work and we hope the best for you in your new journey!

5.15.23: Cesarine Graham began her research internship with MSU's Mathematics Department where she studied Topology and string theory. 

3.1.23: Ella Cardoza was awarded the Michigan Space Grant Consortium Faculty Led Undergrad Fellowship Grant. Congrats Ella!

5.16.22: Nicole Smith began her Intel W.A.T.R Internship

10.1.20: New project "Building Latinx Pathways into Geoscience Graduate Education through R1-HSI-Nonprofit Collaborations" funded through NSF GEOPAths: Graduate Opportunities program! This project involves collaboration with Northeastern Illinois University and GeoLatinas to develop sustainable pathways for Latinx students into Geoscience graduate school and careers.

10.1.20: Received a Magic Planet platform to enable 3-D visualizations for research and education/outreach in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

9.1.20: New project "Groundwater Microbial Communities as Sentinels of Environmental Change" funded by the NSF Idea Machine 2026 program! In this project, we will study microbial ecology and evolution in deep groundwater circulation cells of mid-Michigan linked to environmental changes at the Earth's surface.

9.1.20: New project "Next Generation Tracers of Septic Field Influence..." funded by the Michigan Sea Grant (NOAA)! This project, working with Co-I's Sherry Martin and Leanne Hancock and the Bay County Health Department involves tracking septic field contamination in the Saginaw Bay watershed.

Presentation for the MW-DUL workshop (virtual), "Lessons from the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory 2011-present: Integration of Hydrology, Geochemistry, and Microbiology"

3.17.20: Ph.D. Student Osama Alian returns from the NASA HERA project

3.11.20: New paper summarizing Biology Meets Subduction work in Costa Rica

12.2.19: Seminar at the University of Tennessee, Department of Microbiology. "Drilling, Recovery, and Microbial Community Turnover in a Hyperalkaline Aquifer Influenced by Serpentinization" Thanks for hosting me Karen Lloyd!

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