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The Dynamic Earth (GLG201)

The Dynamic Earth is an introductory Geology course which covers topics as varied as plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, and planetary history. The course includes both lectures and an associated lab. This is a gateway course into the Earth and Environmental Sciences major.

Geomicrobiology (GLG435/MMG435)

Geomicrobiology is offered in alternating years during the Spring Semester. The topics covered range from the use of genomics approaches to study environmental microbiomes to the study of biological evolution in the context of planetary-scale processes. The course contains both lecture/discussion and laboratory/field components that provide hands-on experience with practical approaches in Geomicrobiology.

Natural Hazards and the Environment (ISP203B)

This course focuses on teaching science to non-science majors, using the vehicle of natural hazards and their impact on human populations. The course focuses on understanding the mechanisms behind major types of natural hazards associated with the solid Earth (volcanoes, earthquakes) and the atmosphere (hurricanes, tornadoes, environmental change). The course also explores the consequences of these hazards for human populations, our ability to predict their occurrence, and engineering solutions to mitigate their effects.

Organic Geochemistry (GLG821)

This graduate-level course focuses on understanding the sources and fate of organic molecules in the environment including the production of biological metabolites, the generation of biomarkers, the utility of organic compounds as energy resources, and the persistence of human-made organic compounds in the environment. The course involves both lecture/discussion style presentations and problem sets related to the practical application of organic geochemistry approaches.

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