Latest News and Events

10.1.20: Received a Magic Planet platform to enable 3-d visualizations for research and education/outreach in the Earth and Environmental Sciences

10.1.20: New project "Building Latinx Pathways into Geoscience Graduate Education through R1-HSI-Nonprofit Collaborations" funded through NSF GEOPAths:Graduate Opportunities program! This project involves collaboration  with Northeastern Illinois University and GeoLatinas to develop sustainable pathways for Latinx students into Geoscience graduate school and careers.

9.1.20: New project "Groundwater Microbial Communities as Sentinels of Environmental Change" funded by the NSF Idea Machine 2026 program! In this project we will study microbial ecology and evolution in deep groundwater circulation cells of mid-Michigan linked to environmental changes at the Earth's surface.

9.1.20: New project "Next Generation Tracers of Septic Field Influence..." funded by the Michigan Sea Grant (NOAA)! This project, working Co-I's Sherry Martin and Leanne Hancock and the Bay County Health Department involves tracking septic field contamination in the Saginaw Bay watershed.

7.20.20: Presentation for the MW-DUL workshop (virtual), "Lessons from the Coast Range Ophiolite Microbial Observatory 2011-present: Integration of Hydrology, Geochemistry, and Microbiology"

3.17.20: Ph.D. Student Osama Alian returns from the NASA HERA project

12.2.19: Seminar at the University of Tennessee, Department of Microbiology. "Drilling, Recovery, and Microbial Community Turnover in a Hyperalkaline Aquifer Influenced by Serpentinization" Thanks for hosting me Karen Lloyd!

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